Event recording: Transformative science – driving solutions for a better world

Banner titled 2024 Lab to Leadership event recording
Banner titled 2024 Lab to Leadership event recording

At the recent Lab to Leadership event hosted by UTS Online, attendees gained future-focused insights into how science can drive transformative solutions for a better world. From harnessing sustainable energy to revolutionising clinical trials, the event emphasised the importance of interdisciplinary approaches that merge science, technology, health and business perspectives to tackle complex global challenges. Attendees explored cutting-edge research and strategic thinking essential for impactful leadership across broad scientific fields.

Watch the video highlights to hear exclusive insights from three notable industry speakers in the medical science and sustainable energy sectors.


Speaker insights

Prof. Sharath Sriram, President, Science and Technology Australia

Prof. Sharath Sriram discusses the importance of scientists in industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. Learn about the scientific thinking crucial for addressing global challenges and how these efforts can solve significant issues and reposition Australia's economy.


David Langford, Managing Director, Long Lake Research Group

David Langford delves into the critical aspects of scientific thinking for addressing global challenges. Discover why science is vital for innovation, how the drivers of change work and how fundamental science impacts the requirements of innovation.


Dr. Duncan Macinnis, Director of Stakeholder Engagement (NSW and ACT), MTPConnect

Dr. Duncan Macinnis explores the critical role of scientists in problem-solving and technical understanding. Understand the importance of scientific thinking for innovation, the mechanics of change drivers and the impact of fundamental science on innovation needs.


Lab to leadership: Transformative science – driving solutions for a better world

Missed the live event or want to relive the experience? Watch the full Lab to Leadership livestream below.


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