What will you learn in a Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting and Technology Management (GCBCTI)? 

The GCBCTI is a collaboration between UTS and Microsoft that provides accelerated training for those wishing to grow a career in business process and technology consulting, also known as Functional Consultants. This industry is growing rapidly as businesses are increasingly focused on digital transformation, and there is a high demand for skilled consultants to help them navigate this process. The certificate program offered by UTS Online provides students the skills they need to work with some of the world's top consulting and advisory firms. 

During the course, students are presented with a real client project like those they will encounter as Dynamics consultants. Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences enabling businesses to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs. Functional Consultants work with clients to choose the right components of the platforms to solve their client’s business problems. 

GCBCTI partners, such as KPMG, EY, Avanade and Capgemini, are driving digital transformation for their customers and needing more functional consultants to help with this process. These consultants can come from various backgrounds, including finance, commerce, business, and even teaching or field sales. The career of a functional consultant is never dull, as every project is unique and requires a range of skills, including communication, creative thinking, problem-solving and facilitation. 

The GCBCTI program is experiential and authentic, allowing students to work in teams and face realistic scenarios. It is challenging but also offers valuable learning opportunities and prepares students to work with clients in the real world. Microsoft certifications are also an important aspect of the course, as they demonstrate expertise on the platform that clients highly value. 

What is Dynamics 365 and Power Platform? 

Dynamics 365 is a business application suite connecting customers, operations, people, and products. It is a pre-built platform by Microsoft used by different company users to build business solutions. 

Power Platform is a set of tools that allow businesses to analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents to solve business problems. PowerApps, a component of the Power Platform, allows businesses to build low-code apps. Power BI, another component, allows businesses to visualise and gain insights into data. Power Automate allows businesses to automate tasks and improve business operations. 

Together, Dynamics and Power Platform offer a comprehensive set of tools that allow functional consultants and architects to choose the right platform pieces to solve their client's business problems. 

What makes functional consulting a future-proofed career? 

A career in functional consulting, especially with Microsoft's Dynamics and Power Platform, is a great long-term choice because it is in high demand and is expected to continue growing. As technology increasingly integrates into our lives, professionals need to know the platforms and tools used to build complex business solutions. 

In addition to the strong demand for these skills, the career path for a functional consultant is versatile. It allows for various career options, such as moving into program or project management, business analysis, or technical roles. This means the field has many opportunities for advancement and professional growth. 

Finally, a career as a functional consultant allows individuals to positively impact the world through the solutions they help build and implement. It is a fulfilling career that offers the opportunity to create something that will have a lasting impact on people and organisations. 

What is a functional consultant? 


A young elegant woman standing near an office window, holding a touch pad. She appears deep in thought, possibly contemplating something. She is a female employer who is holding a digital tablet and looking forward to a meeting with international partners.nt is a professional who helps companies solve complex business problems by designing technology solutions. Functional consultants work with various industries, including health, defence, IT, engineering, etc. They use Microsoft tech stacks to build business solutions for different companies. 

What does a functional consultant do? 

One of the main tasks of a functional consultant is working out which components of the Microsoft Power Platform meet the functional needs of the business they are working with. This includes designing systems that can automate the client's business processes. Depending on the client's needs, functional consultants specialise in one area, function or business, like finance and operations or supply and logistics. 

These projects may involve using Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform to recommend custom applications, automate business processes, or solve problems. Every client assignment is different, so they may work with clients in various sectors, including health, defence, IT, engineering, etc. 

Functional consultants also act as a bridge between developers, engineers, and business analysts, ensuring that the chosen technology stack meets the business requirements. 

What's it like being a functional consultant and why is it such a great career? 

Being a functional consultant is both fun and challenging. It's a great career because it exposes professionals to new and developing technologies daily, and these skills will be in demand for the long term. 

It is also a career that allows for growth and development, as functional consultants work on various industry projects. Functional consultants can make an impact by solving complex business problems, networking with CEOs and other senior executives, and developing their soft skills. The constant change and exposure to different clients and business problems make it a fun and exciting career. 

A diverse group of business professionals from different ethnic backgrounds gathering around a conference room table in an office. They are engaged in discussions, brainstorming ideas, and collaborating on work in a creative and innovative digital e-commerce startup.

What can you expect when working with Microsoft channel partners? 

Working with Avanade  

"Avanade is a great place to work, primarily because of its culture. The culture at Avanade was impressive from the start of the interview process and throughout the academy as a student. After graduating as a CRM consultant, it was clear that the leadership and mentoring at the company were exceptional. It is a great feeling to be part of such a supportive and close-knit team. In addition to the supportive work environment, Avanade places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of its employees. The company offers a health and well-being allowance, additional annual leave days, flexible work arrangements, and gadget allowances to ensure that staff can stay current and healthy."

Working with Capgemini 

"As an associate consultant at Capgemini, I am currently learning about all things Microsoft, including Dynamics and the Power Platform. This includes obtaining certifications and shadowing senior managers on projects. I am also involved in coordinating a bid response. One of the benefits of working at Capgemini is the opportunity to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the industry, even for those without prior experience. This allows recent graduates to become experts in their field quickly, rather than spending years learning on the job.” 

Capgemini is currently seeking functional consultants with expertise in the full range of Microsoft technologies, including Azure, Dynamics, and the Power Platform, to assist clients in completing their projects and planning for the future. 

Working with EY 

At EY, the focus is solely on people. The company offers its services and people, focusing on employee development. This includes further education, mentorship, and the chance to shape one's career to align with their goals, all to ensure that clients receive the best possible outcomes. 

Working with KPMG 

KPMG’s Tech Implementation team helps clients with all aspects of their IT systems implementations, including analysis, design, development, testing, training, data migration, integration and support. Our clients span a range of industries, including government, financial services, corporates and energy/resources.   

Our Microsoft Dynamics F&O and CE practices engage with clients to understand their business opportunities and problems and design and implement D365-based solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals. They do this day-to-day using our proven implementation methodology. On any given day, we could write a functional specification, run a workshop or demonstration, code customisations, test, train or do any implementation-related activities. 

Study with UTS Online 

Embark on a transformative journey with the Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting and Technology Management (GCBCTI). This cutting-edge program, brought to you through the partnership of UTS and Microsoft, unveils a world of possibilities for aspiring functional consultants. Immerse yourself in real client projects, harness the power of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, and unlock your potential with coveted Microsoft certifications. By blending practical experience with innovative problem-solving, the GCBCTI empowers you to sculpt a fulfilling career where every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth, every solution leaves a lasting impact, and every success paves the way for a dynamic future in functional consulting.